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How to BOI login on Your Mobile phone?

You do not know how you can do it. Then don’t be worried, you are at the right place from here you can get each and every information BOI banking process on mobile.You can do internet banking of BOI on mobile app easily. You can also check boi corporate login. When you do BOI net banking on mobile then you feel free and you can check your account balance through the mobile app. 

You just follow the following steps that we will describe here in detail.

In simple words you can do it and  enjoy all services on your mobile, only at that time when you have internet facility on your mobile. First of all you will open your mobile play store or any other search engine if you have one where you can get BOI mobile apps easily. 

Method login of Boi

After downloading and installing Mobile Banking Application on to Mobile phone Handset, Login to Mobile Banking using User ID, SMS Password and MPIN. When “Send item to +919810558585” displayed, select YES. View Balance Select account, enter SMS Password and press Go. Account Number and Balances are displayed.

Activate your BOI banking account on mobile app. For it you will do, download the BOI Mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After downloading, install the app and start BOI Mobile Banking registration. Post successful registration, login boi net banking App using the mobile number or user ID or customer ID and login PIN.

One thing remembers in your mind that, BEWARE!! Never disclose your OTP/PIN/CVV/Expiry date/Card Number to anybody over phone or any other media. Only fraudsters are asking such details.

Through mobile apps you can change your boi password regularly and keep your mobile app protected and updated with the latest Antivirus. Please do not click on any hyperlinks to reach our site, but type our site address on the official site.

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Change your password in Merrick Bank

Merrick is one of the top best banks of New York which has given many offers to the users. So in this topic, we can discuss how to change or reset the password in Merrick bank? Bank offers the classic visa and master cards to the users. Merrick bank is the top best bank of new york which provides many facilities to their users.

 Merrick banks can offer many different facilities like debit cards, ATM cards, and credit cards and so on. If you can forget your password which you can put during the login of Merrick bank then you can do the following steps to reset the new password. 

Steps of Merrick bank Password change

First of all open the go on this link or open it on your internet browser. Then go on the next page in which you can see the option of creating an account and forgotten password but you can select the option of a forgotten password. You can also change the password in Merrick bank login App.

After doing this you will be asked to put your previous password. When you can put the previous password then it will offer you to change or put your new password on this page. When you can put the new password on this page then you can see the option of saving then select the option of save and when you can choose this option it will be saved completely and also your new password is saved successfully. 

So next time when you can log in to the Merrick bank account then you can put this password and also on a credit card account to see all of your account’s information. I tell you this method is an easy and simple way and I hope you can understand it easily and all of your confusion will be finished after reading this topic.

 So this was the complete method to reset or recover your password in this way you can change your password within a few minutes.

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Zong Internet Packages 2020 3G/4G Offers

Zong net packages 3G/4G You can easily subscribe from the nearest retailer. But today we will tell you its features and complete details of these packages. Net packages of Zong you can subscribe with different charges and taxes. Here you can find the details Of Zong internet packages, That how you can subscribe and unsubscribe it on your sim.

Zong Daily Internet Packages Details

Zong Day Time Offer

Dear friends if you are day time internet user, and you want to use the internet at day for daily. Then you are in the correct place who you want to offer. Because here I will tell you the best Zong day time offer helps to use the internet for daily time. This offer full name Zong day time offer. This offer full discussion you can here. This is the daily net offer of Zong.

Subscription and unsubscription way of Zong day time offer explained here. You can easily subscribe to this offer and unsubscribe by codes of Zong. In this best and wonderful daily offer, Zong will give you 1200 MB internet. This 1200 MB Till for 7 pm. You cannot subscribe to this offer after between 4 am to 7 pm. Because this offer timing 4 am to 7 pm, You can subscribe offer between 4 am to 7 pm.

This package price is Rs. 16 + tax. You can easily subscribe to it in Rs. 16 + tax rupees on your Zong sim.

How To Subscribe and Unsubscribe?

Activation way:

For this purpose, you need to write ” DTO” Send it to 6464. After sending it you will receive a confirmation message from Zong is a short time. If you want to subscribe to this offer putting code, Then dial *47# and subscribe and very easily on your Zong sub.

Deactivation way:

Zong day time offer will expire after 24 hours.

Also, we can check the Zong internet packages information by Installing My Zong App in our android mobile.

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How To Check Iqama Expiry

Many peoples wondering to locate a new and effortless way to know about their Iqama. Within this guide, One new method and a single old method will be discussed with complete information.

Peoples can easily check their status by following one of the given methods. The Details and step-by-step procedure will be discussed here.

If you follow all the instructions then you can readily locate details without confronting any difficulty. So this is the very best and easy thing for you to follow our guidelines.

Before 2020 Mostly peoples check iqama details about the Moi website of Authorities. The Moi is the Authorities site that’s just for the peoples of Saudi Arabia.

However, in 2020 a new method comes due to this moi showing problem occasionally. Check Iqama Expiry Date and Status here That issue, the Government designed unique and new best items for Expats individuals to look at their iqama status.

So This new and effortless method will be accessible here with complete details. Here You Can Query iqama Expiry Check

What’s Iqama Expiry?

Basically iqama expiry is your finalized, end or finish date or living permission or iqama in Saudi Arabia. So this is extremely important for each and every worker of Saudi Arabia who living for work in KSA.

The step by step and complete explained process about the method of checking and understanding about it will be discussed here with complete details.

How To Check Iqama Expiry?

iqama expiry details

Iqama Expiry Status Now the question is how to check the expiration date of iqama. So friends very simple and easy method is here to address your issue.

To start with, You need to set up the Absher app In the Play store. This is the newest android app that especially for ex-pats individuals to check the status.

Following the installation clicks to open it and locate a new user option. The New user choice is necessary for all new peoples. If you currently have an account of Absher then you merely must click n sign-in button, once the Dashboard choice comes, click on the iqama expiry option and examine the status with iqama number.

The procedure is for the new users. Click a new user option and fill the required information that is required to put before registration Like the iqama number, Your Name, contact number and also Gmail account.

Captcha option is also necessary for many of you to create an account. Fill the captcha and apply to register your account. Verification code comes in your number, confirm this to finish and make your registration 100% confirm.

Now open the dashboard and fine the expiry date choice and write your iqama amount and click to examine it. Your status is on your cell phone screen. This is a simple and latest approach to inspect the iqama expiry date.